How We Help!


To get help please Call (520) 461-4305 and state you need immediate

emergency help and the nature of your pet's emergency.

   Whenever possible, we will answer immediately. If we can't answer right away

   one of our volunteers will still do their best to return your call so please leave

   a call back number where you can be reached easily. If you reach a voicemail message we are sorry but we have most likely reached our quota for the day.


   If you reach our voicemail the fund is most likely depleted. However, if we have

   enough volunteer staff one of us will try to call back with additional information. 

   We'll do our best to help you find other sources of funding, a veterinarian that takes payments or an emergency hospital in your area that will allow you to make payments or will allow AECF to guarantee payments on your behalf.


   Most emergency hospitals will offer to help you apply for Care Credit.

   If accepted for Care Credit please use Care Credit for your emergency. If you are denied approval for Care Credit and AECF has the funds to provide help we will need two things to qualify you: a copy of the Care Credit denial letter and an estimate from the veterinary hospital for their emergency services. If AECF has funds one of our volunteers will direct you how to fax or email us the denial letter and estimate. Note: We do NOT need any personal financial details on the denial letter. Please black out any personal financial details like social security numbers or bank account info that might appear on the denial letter before sending.

   Thank you!



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HUGE THANK YOUs to Daniel Farrish for helping AECF to become part of Apple employees Benevity matching gift program and for contacting his good friends Jill Joyner, Eric Crepeau, Elias Santiago, Anatoly Yusim and Levi Garcia. These wonderful angels secured two laptop donations for us, repurposed the laptops and even paid for the shipping!! AECF is EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to you ALL for your kindness!!


Please give generously whenever you can to help AECF save animals - thank you! 

Need Animal Emergency Assistance?

Call us at (520) 461-4305

If we can answer right away we'll try our best to get help for your pet immediately. If you reach our voicemail please leave a message and a call back number for the veterinary hospital with details of the nature of

your pet's emergency.

A volunteer staff member will return your call as soon as possible. If you reach a voicemail message please understand we are a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit orgaization and we quite often either don't have volunteer staff or enough funds to help with every emergency. Please do not let your pet wait to be seen by a qualified veterinary emergency hospital. Time is of the essence in  life threatening emergencies and most responsible veterianary hospitals will treat if it's truly a life threatening emergency.


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